Three sheep short course trials are similar to a traditional “Three Sheep Trials” where you have a series of obstacles that you have to negotiate. These may include an inspection, gaps, races, “Y” shutes, bridges and even a pen, all in an area of about 50m x50m.

In the early stages the handler has as much freedom to move as possible. This then encourages the dog to get the job done in a neat and effective way as this is more of a learning course. Everyone is allotted a time for the course which should be able to be completed in a manner that is kind to both sheep and dogs. (This is usually 8-12 minutes, depending on the obstacles which have been set up.) With a course set up this way, and with the handlers out to work stock in a calm and controlled manner, most herding breeds should be able to complete the course.

Sheep dog trialsThis is a team event for you and your dog, and with the fact that you are competing in a smaller, controlled area means that everything is set up for people and dogs to gain a win in the learning sense. This will help all other forms of sheep dog trialling to grow as it gives handlers a step in to the game with the dogs they have.

Short courses are being run in a number of locations in Southern Queensland which are open to all breeds of working dogs which can work sheep in a controlled manner.
Pictured is Lilly at work!


3-Sheep Short Course Trial

11-12 October 2008

Judge: Judy Allen

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3-Sheep Short Course Trial

19-20 July 2008

Judge: Eric Tighe

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