kelpie herding

Course A is an all-around farm or property course designed to demonstrate the versatility of the herding dog. The course includes three centreline locations ("lettered posts"), four obstacles and five numbered markers. The "near side" of the arena is the long fence where the "Y chute" is located; the "far side" of the arena is the long fence where the runway or hold/exam pen is located; the "top" of the arena is the shorter fence nearest to the centreline panels; the "bottom" of the arena is the shorter fence where the "Z" chute is located.


Course B is an open field trial demonstrating a dog's ability to control and move livestock in an extended area. The course is laid out in a triangular pattern with each angle approximately 60 degrees. The handler's post is at the bottom, the drive to gate #1 is on the left, the cross-drive is a diagonal line to gate #2 on the right. The pen shall be located to the right of or behind and no more than 10.5m from the handler's post. The shedding ring shall be located in front of or behind the handler's post.


Course C reflects a tending shepherd's day, as he/she accompanies the flock, moving to various unfenced grazing areas. The sheep must be allowed to graze peacefully, contained within specified unfenced areas, and safely guided on the roads between those areas. The dog patrols to guard against sheep trespassing onto the adjoining field, while the sheep graze and are moved along roads. The shepherd and dog are responsible for the safety and good health of the stock.